Cardboard Conjecture

Whatcha Been Playing Wednesday? - #1

January 6, 2021

Whatcha Been Playing Wednesday? - #1

Whatcha Been Playing Wednesday? is a special weekly podcast ... it's a compilation of the games we've played over the week.  The contributors to this premier episode are ... Board on the Air, Dice and Dragons, Friday Knight Games, The Cardboard Kid, Of Dice and Men, and Metal Meeples and Beer.


1:30  Jayson and Julie - Dice and Dragons

8:05 The Cardboard Kid

12:09 Shea and David - Board on the Air

19:13 Chad - Of Dice and Men

26:45 Ryan - Bridge City Boardgamers / Cardboard Conjecture

32:55 Matt and Jon - Friday Knight Games

40:41 Rob and Anna-Marie - Metal Meeples and Beer

47:38 Norm - Bridge City Boardgamers / Cardboard Conjecture

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