Cardboard Conjecture

Cardboard Conjecture #95 - Topic : The Five Game Collection

August 28, 2021

Cardboard Conjecture #95 - Topic : The Five Game Collection

In this episode, Ryan and Norm will discuss Juicy Fruits and Underwater Cities ... and a new segment, The News ... where we chat about our FaceBook community reaching 400 followers and a contest in conjunction with this event, as well as some crowdfunding information ... the new segment is because Ian has stepped down from the podcast, but if you want to still listen to him, you can follow him on his new podcast about film and cinema called "Cinema in Seconds" ... we hope you have a good run.

This episode is a Topic episode from our "Listener Suggested Topic" contest ... and we discuss our "Five Game Collection" ... this was a very difficult topic to work through, we both describe the "parameters" that we've established and the games that made it through our cardboard algorithms

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